What exactly are KANAPKY?

“Kanapky, canapes, canapé..” International word of french origin, meaning small bite food on the base of bread or baguette, covered by anything. With that said, our Kanapky are little tasty open faced sandwiches with all kinds of delicious homemade spreads, top quality meats, fish and cheeses, or delicious fresh vegetables. We are more then happy to deliver it to you to any address in Bratislava and neighbourhood.

About us

Kanapky is small family business founded in 2019. Our vision is to bring people joy from food, that will soothe the eye as well as the taste buds, and that you can enjoy anytime anywhere. Doesn't matter if you wanna host an event, have a wedding, dinner with spouse, party, conference, soiree or just a small get-together with friends, you can always rely, that Kanapky will be the highlight of the event and we will always provide you the best service possible. We also care about your well-being, that is why the freshness and quality of ingredients are always on a first place, and we would never offer anything to our customers, that we wouldn't eat ourselves. We also understand if you have any food allergies or intolerances, so in this case, don't hesitate to contact us, and we can create a canapé just to your requirements and liking!